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Signs For Success

Signs for Success


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"It's inspiring!"
"It's just magic!"
"It's simple, spontaneous and so easy to use!"

-- Allenscroft Children’s Centre

Using signs alongside speech to support children's learning and development

The Kit contains:
A straightforward Ten Steps to Success guideline which shows you how to embed the programme in your home or setting

Transforming Lives DVD (48 mins) shows the Signs for Success programme in action together with testimonies from parents, professionals and children.

Signing Fun DVD with over 300 signs and signed phrases in 19 chapters; What shall we do today? What shall we wear today? What colour is it? Who's coming to visit? for example. The DVD comes with a 'How to Use' guide and listed content for easy navigation when you want to learn a particular sign or phrase.

Signing DVD contains 150 behaviour management signs and signed phrases. It is designed to help parents and practitioners to maintain calm in the home and setting. Children respond because the expectation is chrystal clear. The DVD comes with a 'How to Use' guide and listed content for easy navigation when you want to learn a particular sign or phrase.

Hours of stimulating child development Activities that help you help babies and young children learn earlier and easier. This is the Signs for Success methodology and philosophy being practiced!

Individual and Group Record Sheets to show children's progress. 'This makes is easy to' record signs understood, signs used, words used, giving crucial evidence of advancement in language skills.

Stunningly original, the First Signing ABC Book leads children from the illustration to the sign to the fingerspelled and written word with unparalleled ease. This way even 3 year-olds learn to read and spell! Comes with "How to Use" ideas.

First Words Book. An innovative way to introduce the all-important emotions to toddlers! Comes with "How to Use" ideas.

First Feelings Book. The new and fun way to introduce concepts to babies and toddlers! See babies sign "cuddle" before babies can even say "cuddle". Comes with "How to Use" ideas.

WOW is a cute cuddly, signing character that totally captures children's imagination. On the back of WOW's hands there are flaps for children to put their hands through to make WOW sign. Comes with "How to Use".

Fingerspelling pack: The poster is the speediest, most enjoyable way for children to learn the alphabet. It's quick, it's easy and it's fun. Hang it at a child's height and see what happens!

Our biggest secret revealed! In wearing the gloves children become WOW signers and instantly achieve. A signing winner! The gloves clarify the individual letters on the hands.

The Fingerspelling Alphabet book is the perfect reference tool for an individual child needing to find a particular letter or letters in their written work.

Comes with "How to Use" ideas

Recommended for

  • For Adults to use with children aged 3 months - 6 years
  • For Adults to use with older children with additional needs
  • For Adults to use with older EAL children

(Please note: The Transforming Lives DVD is not subtitled).


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