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70% improvement in children’s behaviour

The internationally-acclaimed Signs for Success™ programme has transformed the lives of thousands of children through its pioneering training programmes for parents, professionals and children.

Based on solid research, Signs for Success™ integrates sign language (BSL) into every day practice as a multi-sensory memory clue to learning. In this simple but ingenious methodology, children learn earlier, faster and they retain their knowledge much longer. Best of all, they LOVE it!

"Children go into learning in a different way.
They go in through the sign."

-- Kathy Robinson, founder, Signs for Success™


The Signing Fun Activity Pack

The Signing Fun Activity PackThe Signing Fun Activity Pack introduces the concept of using signs with babies and toddlers from the earliest age. You will be guided through the programme learning and using signs in a variety of stimulating activities to help your child learn earlier and easier. Moreover, they are great fun to do together!

The award-winning Signs for Success programme will strengthen the relationship between you and your baby, help you to understand your baby’s needs and feelings, help your baby learn new words simply and easily and develop your baby’s learning ability.

Give your child the best start in life


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The Sign-a-Day Kit

The Sign-a-Day KitThe Sign-a-Day Kit is a simple straightforward Ten Steps to Success programme that will have you signing straightaway!

Encourage early spoken language. Raise phonics levels. Improve behaviour.

Our tried, tested and proven methodology works!



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Signing with Babies and Young Children course

Signing with Babies and Young Children courseGain a nationally recognised Edexcel BTEC Award and 6 credits with the Signing with Young Babies and Children course.

Ten years pioneering research in nurseries, schools and homes has brought us this best-selling distance learning course.

Signing with little ones is satisfying, fulfilling and fun! You will learn hundreds of signs and signed activities, songs, nursery rhymes and stories to use in homes and settings.


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Sign-a-Story parent programme linked to Letters and Sounds

Sign-a-Story is a comprehensive practical guide equipping child-care professionals to roll out a programme of 6-week Sign-a-Story workshops for parents and children.

It follows on from the highly successful Signing with Babies and Young Children course which qualifies child-care professionals and parents to become Parenting Tutors and teach the Sign-a-Story programme.



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