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Training Courses

Are you a public or University library, bookseller or publisher looking for advice on D/deaf awareness or training in D/deaf equality issues? Do you have a staff team that wishes an introduction to the basics of British Sign Language (BSL)?

Then as a Social Enterprise, Action Deafness Books has the answer – bespoke and tailored training that will meet your needs and more.

Our D/deaf awareness courses will typically;

  • Look at the issues facing D/deaf employees and users in your workplace
  • Propose communication strategies for ensuring effective integration
  • Assess the impacts of buildings and environments
  • Introduce best practice that will lead to sustainable D/deaf awareness

Our D/deaf equality training will look to;

  • Generate an understanding of D/deaf culture, language and identity.
  • Ensure professionals are aware of their obligations to provide equal access for D/deaf people - to the services that they provide.
  • Foster debate and action on how to ensure effective provision and equality.

Subject to your needs, our introduction to BSL will enable people to;

  • Carry out a basic conversation in BSL
  • Sign simple information about themselves to a BSL user
  • Sign numbers
  • Use BSL to give simple directions

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